Cahoots Records

Graphic Design / Packaging

The artwork concept stems from the early American, 19th century origin of the word, 'cahoots'. More specifically, the pioneering spirit of the earliest explorers making their westward journey across the USA subscribing to the 'Manifest Destiny'; while much of the landscapes they covered would later become the National Parks we know today. We are inspired by their commiment and bravery to explore the unknown together while celebrating and sharing what they uncover along the way.

Mulla (NL)  -  Six Chapters [HOOTS101]

"The record you are holding in your hands resembles six unique chapters of my life. Each experience sparked emotions that inspired me to create this music over the years. All of which are extremely influenced by my love for raw House music."

- Joppe Muller (Mulla)


Markus Quittner (AT)  -  Nightside [HOOTS102]

"This record is the result of a series of memorable studio sessions with my friends. Specially made for Cahoots Records, Nightside contains four sophisticated underground house tracks, each produced with much love and attention."

- Markus Quittner


Rubisco Records

Graphic Design / Packaging

Rubsico is an enzyme present in plant chloroplasts, involved in fixing atmospheric carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. The record label owner, Nick Beringer, asked for artwork that complimented the scientific definition of his label name. The focus of the design are the intricate, organic and often symetrical patterns found in plant live and structure.

Nick Beringer (DE)  -  Slope & Dip [RBSC003]


Ed Herbst (DE)  -  Interplay [RBSC004]


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